Virobay Facts

2014 – Virobay appoints Thomas J. Dietz, Ph.D. to the Virobay Board of Directors more

2013 – Virobay, Inc. initiates a Phase 1 Trial of VBY-036, a compound intended for the treatment of neuropathic pain more

2013 – Virobay and LEO Pharma initiate a Phase 1 Trial of VBY-891, a compound intended for oral treatment of psoriasis more

2012 – Virobay's Cathepsin S selected as one of the Top 10 Anti-Inflammatory/Autoimmune Projects to Watch more

2012 – LEO Pharma A/S has entered into a multi-million dollar collaboration with Virobay Inc. to develop an oral treatment for psoriasis more

2010 – Virobay closes Series B financing

2008 – Virobay assets solve the chemical challenge of cathepsin inhibitor design; multiple development candidates are poised for Phase I

2007 – In-licensed cathepsin protease inhibitor assets

2007 – Filed IND and initiated Phase I trial with lead protease inhibitor as an oral treatment for Hepatitis C

2006 – Founded as a protease inhibitor drug discovery and development company


About Virobay

  • Founded in 2006 our scientists have applied their extensive knowledge and experience designing selective protease inhibitors to the cathepsin family of proteases. Members of the cathepsin family are implicated as key mediators in the pathology of diseases, including certain autoimmune disorders, neuropathic pain, liver diseases, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, COPD and cancer. Virobay compounds are highly potent, orally active and drug-like, addressing common problems in the design of cathepsin inhibitors. Virobay’s cathepsin inhibitors include compounds that are highly specific for individual cathepsins (e.g., cathepsin S) as well as compounds that are broadly active against multiple cathepsins.
  • Our management team, based in Menlo Park, California has decades of experience in drug development, including leadership roles at Roche, Wellcome, Sugen and Celera Genomics
  • As a virtual company, Virobay in-house expertise is complemented by the extensive resources available at contract facilities world-wide, creating operational flexibility for cost effective and efficient drug discovery and development.